Seon system requirements

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Seon needs the following components to be available:

  • Web interface:
    • Any webserver able to serve PHP script output (mostly common: Apache, nginx)
    • PHP >=5.3.7 incl. support for JSON and XML, with a recommended memory size of 128MB per process and maximum execution time of minimum 60 seconds
    • Database specific extensions:
      • When using MySQL: PHP with MySQLi support
      • When using DB2: PHP with DB2 client support
      • When using SQLite: PHP with SQLite3 support
  • HTML5 capable web browser
  • Seon Core:
    • TCP/IP v4 enabled networking machine with at least one network controller installed and configured
    • at least 500MB of hard disk space
    • at least 750MB free space for automatic updates
    • at least 512MB RAM (+2MB per parallel file transfer process)
    • Database backend system (one of these):
      • MySQL 4.2 and up (prefered, no external libraries needed)
      • DB2 9.7 and up (local DB2 client must be installed and configured for access to DB2 instance); newer versions of DB2 must be compatible with DB2 9.7
      • SQLite3 (no external libraries needed)
    • Platform specific:
      • Linux: any Linux kernel >=2.4.2, GLIBC 2.4 and up
      • AIX: AIX 5.3ML6 and up
      • Mac OS X: Mac OS X 10.8 and up
  • Seon Enterprise:
    • If Seon Webaccess is used for creating send jobs: configured PHP with a defined maximum file upload and POST size of the required maximum filesize
    • If external authentification is used: PAM support in underlying operating system with configured modules
    • Recommendation of a high value of allowed amount of processes and open files